Breaking the Rules the Good Girl Way

Are you a good girl? Me, too! And we’re not alone.

My name is Kim Shannon. We’re kindred good girls, I’m sure.

I love being a good girl, and I’m also committed to helping women break free from the addiction to being good girls, and confront the “Good Girl Rules” that confine us, keep us stuck in the past, and unable to fully realize our potential, purpose, and power. We learn these rules young, and they still affect us today!

What are the Good Girl Rules?

1. Be Perfect.
2. Be a People Pleaser.
3. Say YES! (Because saying NO is bad, right?)

Do you live with rules? Do you consider yourself a good girl? Or, are you toying with the idea and exploring the possibility? Either way, I’m delighted you’ve found your way here.

I invite you to skip around, and check out the site.

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If you know other good girls who you believe would enjoy Good Girls Anonymous, please invite them along.

With love,

Kim Shannon